Football’s turning green

QinetiQ has created an intelligent football which tells players and referees when it is at the correct pressure.

In partnership with Sportsfactory Consulting Ltd, which works with many of the world’s leading sports brands, QinetiQ has created a ball pressure indicator which turns green when the ball is at the correct pressure, red when the pressure has exceeded acceptable levels and silver if the ball is under-inflated.

This enables referees and players to be sure that the ball is at the correct pressure before a game. As well as its simplicity and ease of use, the device is durable.

Mounted internally, it is similar in size, shape and weight to the valve. This protection ensures that it will not be damaged through regular use on any surface, and will also not affect the flight and performance of the ball.

QinetiQ Sports Marketing Manager Tim Roberts said: ‘The intelligent football is a simple and effective way of putting the perfect ball into play every time.’

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