Ford works get greener

Ford’s Dagenham Diesel Centre has reduced CO2 emissions and lanfill waste by thousands of tonnes

Ford has released figures that show its Dagenham Diesel Centre has reduced CO2 emissions and the amount of waste that previously went to landfill by thousands of tonnes.

According to the motor company, the introduction of wind turbines at the diesel engine production centre three years ago has avoided 6,500 tonnes of CO2 a year. Improved processes have also prevented over 12,600 tonnes of waste being sent to landfill for disposal.

Ford has also begun using vegetable oil for metal working and other fluid actions, which has saved over 500,000 litres of mineral oil.

The Dagenham Diesel Centre is Ford’s only wind-powered plant in the world, powered by 3.6MW capacity turbines producing over 6,000,000kWh of renewable electricity. It houses the company’s 1.4 and 1.6 assembly engine line.

Ford Dagenham also claims to have reduced its gas and electricity bills by 12 per cent by optimising energy intensive operations such as the generation of compressed air for handheld tools on the production line.

The diversion of waste from landfill came from the recycling of dried fluids and by the re-use of old concrete to construct the new production floor.