Formic acid fuel cell

BASF and Tekion, a North American developer of micro fuel cells for portable electronic products, are collaborating to develop formic acid fuel cell technology.

BASF is the world’s largest producer of formic acid. BASF and Tekion will jointly develop and test a tailor made formic acid formulation, and develop applicable codes and standards, sharing their expertise on materials compatibility for fuel cells.

Tekion’s lead commercial application is a proprietary miniature “power pack” capable of fitting inside or attaching to mobile electronic devices. A micro fuel cell recharges the battery allowing extended operation. The power packs are refuelled by swapping out a cartridge containing formic acid.

Neil Huff, President and CEO of Tekion, said, “We are extremely excited to be working with BASF. Their knowledge of formic acid and applicable chemical expertise will assist us tremendously in the commercialisation of our Formira Power Pack.”

Mark Volmer, Head of the Regional Business Unit Acids in BASF’s Intermediates Division, said, “We are fascinated by Tekion’s innovative energy solution and will gladly support the development by contributing our comprehensive experience as the leading global supplier of formic acid.”