Four bits per cell

Saifun Semiconductors has developed a flash memory technology that can store four bits per cell.

The breakthrough in existing Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology doubles the storage capacity of conventional memory cells and provides a simpler architecture that requires fewer manufacturing steps and reduces manufacturing costs, according to the company.

The so-called Quad NROM technology is the next generation of the Saifun NROM, which enabled storage of two bits of information in a single memory cell.

Since its introduction in 1998, some of the world’s leading flash manufacturers have licensed the technology for a wide range of NVM applications including stand-alone and embedded flash memory for the telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking and automotive markets.

Dr. Boaz Eitan, chief executive officer of Saifun Semiconductors, will describe the Quad NROM at the 2005 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting being held in WashingtonDC this week.

Eitan’s presentation at the IEDM will be also available on the Saifun website.