Foxboro analysers offer electrochemical processing solutions

Many electrochemical processes rely on corrosive chemicals, high pressures and extremes of temperatures to be successful. These conditions pose a particular problem to the control and instrumentation engineers whose job it is to provide detailed measurements on how the process is performing.

Foxboro’s Communicator Series 875 intelligent electrochemical analysers are said to be the ideal platform for all analysis needs, including contacting conductivity, resistivity, pH/ORP and electrode-less conductivity.

All three analysers in the Series are line-powered intelligent instruments offering the high-accuracy measurement.

A human interface guides users through intuitive, menu-driven configuration, calibration, status and troubleshooting procedures.

Key functions include a large, back-lit LCD, dual analogue outputs, dual relay contacts, up to four digital inputs, diagnostics and an RS-232 for remote configuration. They can all be specified either with or without digital protocols such as HART and are easily updated as a result of their modular design.

Foxboro’s electrochemical analysers are also said to offer robustness and application flexibility in almost any process solution.

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