FRAM tech comes alive!

STMicroelectronics and Fujitsu have teamed up to develop the ST19ZR01, a contactless smart card IC with FRAM and ROM, but no standard RAM.

A demonstrator product, which includes an on-board library of certified cryptographic algorithms, will be marketed through ST starting Q4 2002.

The ST19ZR01 provides all of the security benefits of ST’s ST19 platform, which was the first in the world to be certified under the recently developed ISO15408 standard (also known as the Common Criteria). These include a hardware DES accelerator for fast cryptographic operations and built-in security firewalls for the on-chip memories and DES accelerator. In addition, the ST19ZR01 is also fully compliant with the ISO 14443 Type B contactless standard, offering a data transfer capability up to 424 Kbit/sec.

FRAM technology sports fast read and write times (less than 200nsec) and low standby current (a few microamps), thereby achieving lower power consumption and faster write times than the traditional EEPROM technology.

The ST19ZR01 incorporates 1.5KBytes of FRAM memory, which also provides data retention reliability in excess of 10 years.

The FRAM cell structure currently used in the ST19ZR01 consists of two transistors and two ferroelectric film capacitors. In the near future, a new cell design featuring one transistor and one capacitor will be introduced, enabling a reduction in die size and cost.

The product will be exhibited at both ST’s and Fujitsu’s booths at Europe’s largest smart card exhibition, Cartes 2002 in Paris.