Frame grabbing

Coreco’s new analog frame grabber board for the 32-bit PCI bus interfaces to variety of cameras.

Coreco Imaging has introduced the PC2-Vision, a new analog frame grabber for the 32-bit PCI bus.

The PC2-Vision’s acquisition circuitry interfaces with a wide assortment of industrial cameras, including standard (RS-170 and CCIR), non-standard (progressive scan), RGB monochrome and dual-channel analog cameras.

Its six camera connections support simultaneous acquisition from up to six monochrome or two RGB cameras, making related images available at the same time. In addition, the board features an RS-232 serial port on each of its two camera connectors (MDR-36 by 3M).

PC2-Vision applications can be created using Coreco Imaging’s Imaging Foundation Class (IFC). To shorten set-up time, IFC includes Camera Configurator, a Windows point-and-click utility for camera set up.

Coreco Imaging’s software development tools allow users to develop applications with C DLLs, C++ classes, Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0 (or higher) or Visual Basic 6.0 (or higher) development platforms.

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