Frazer-Nash helps EDF Energy to improve the UK’s AGRs

Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash is providing support to an experiment as part of an EDF Energy project to extend the life of the UK’s advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors (AGRs), which has long been a strategic priority for EDF.

The study, being undertaken at the Materials Test Reactor in Petten, Holland, will see the engineering experts providing technical support and interpreting materials data for integration into EDF Energy¹s AGR safety case.

The experiment has been designed to accelerate the rate of material degradation, in order to simulate how the integrity of these materials within an AGR reactor will be affected over a longer period of time.

With the first phase of the project underway, Frazer-Nash is currently advising EDF Energy on what samples to put into the test reactor, as well as which types of environments to expose them to.