Frazer-Nash oversees MoD vehicles

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has appointed engineering consultancy, Frazer-Nash, to oversee requirements for a new fleet of military transport vehicles.

The vehicles will be provided under the CAV P programme that aims to meet the requirements previously set out by the Future Light Equipment Transporter, General Support Tanker and Defence Movement Transport Capability programmes.

Under the agreement, Frazer-Nash will use the existing programmes’ user-requirement documents (URDs) alongside system-requirement documents (SRDs), to clarify the specifications for a tractor unit capable of towing a number of trailers, as well as requirements for a tanker and one or more flatbed trailers. The work is expected to be complete by 2010.

Mark Dorn, Frazer-Nash’s business manager, said: ‘There is a clear benefit in producing just one vehicle that can serve many purposes for the MoD and there are many aspects of the existing programmes that were similar. For example, although not a fighting vehicle, it will need to offer some form of protection and be capable of communicating with a variety of other military vehicles.

‘By bringing together stakeholders from each of the existing programmes, the outcome of this work will be one vehicle that can be efficiently supported through life while effectively serving many purposes.’