Free CD-based friction data guide

A CD-based guide can help engineers to select the right combination of metals and coatings in order to improve the service life of mating components.

General Magnaplate has prepared a CD-based guide to aid engineers in selecting combination of metals and coatings that improve the service life of mating components.

The Friction data guide shows comparisons of the coefficients of friction (COF) of a variety of combinations of treated and untreated surfaces. It identifies both static friction (the starting friction) and kinetic friction (friction in motion) obtained from mating tests conducted on combinations of Magnaplate’s coatings and a variety of materials, including aluminium, steel, and stainless steel.

General Magnaplate produces ‘synergistic’ coatings that combine the advantages of hardening by surface oxidizing with the controlled infusion of low-friction polymers and/or custom tailored dry lubricants.

The coatings actually become an integral part of the top layers of the base metal, rather than merely a surface cover, so the resulting surfaces are superior in performance to both the base metal and to the individual components of the coating.

The General magnaplate CD friction guide features test results of 69 combinations of Magnaplate-applied coatings and materials, enabling engineers to select combinations of materials that can improve the service life of mating components.

For a free copy, go to the company web site.