Free design software from Delcam

Delcam is making available a free evaluation copy of its PowerSHAPE hybrid CAD modeller to all visitors to the company’s web site ( PowerSHAPE is a powerful and versatile hybrid design system for the design of products and tooling featuring complex shapes.

The evaluation copy of PowerSHAPE has all the functionality of the current release for both solid and surface modelling, but has the save capability disabled. A special series of tutorials has been added to allow users to assess the software in a controlled way.

The software comes with Delcam’s IGES translator so that data can be imported from other CAD systems and modified within PowerSHAPE. The software is extremely tolerant of poor quality imported CAD data, so giving it good interoperability with a wide range of other applications. In particular, PowerSHAPE is capable of building solids from trimmed surfaces that are joined together with coarse tolerances.

The evaluation software can also be used as a CAD viewer, allowing all participants in any project to view models from a wide range of systems.

Delcam Tel: 0121 766 5544