Free Flow river power

A green energy project using innovative water turbines will generate renewable power from the current of the St Lawrence River in Canada.

Burlington-based Verdant Power Canada is to install its Free Flow water turbines into the St Lawrence River in Canada to test out the feasibility of using them on a larger scale.

The Ontario government-funded project, located near Cornwall, will turn the river’s strong current into 15MW of clean energy, enough to power 11,000 average-sized homes.

Verdant estimates that there is enough potential power in the water currents of Canada’s tides, rivers and man-made channels to generate 15,000MW of electricity using its technology – enough to power over 11 million average-sized homes.

The Ontario government is investing C$2.2m in the project under its Innovation Demonstration Fund, which supports promising bio-based, environmental and alternative energy technologies.

Verdant  Power previously deployed its Free Flow turbines at the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project, which is being operated in New York City’s East River.