Free form surface modelling

When integrated with SolidWorks 98, the new Surface Express software from MCS adds advanced free-form surface modelling, blending, stitching and skinning capabilities.

Surface Express allows almost any type of surface to be created. This includes NURB surfaces which can handle demanding tasks. Surface Express can blend surfaces together, with regular shape or varying shape blends, such as corner blends. It also includes curve and surface editors, allowing easy adjustment of the geometry after it has been created.

The ability to wrap and unwrap curves to the surface is a major feature. This is particularly useful for designing objects such as tyre treads. Having created a design, the Surface Express hidden line and shading functions provide a powerful set of tools for display. These include constant, gourand and phong shading, wireframe faceting, blanked, dimmed or dashed hidden lines, light source control and dynamic rotation.

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