Free guide helps start-ups to get their products to market

Cambridge Consultants is offering a free guide to help start-ups get their products to market.

The guide, entitled ‘Bathtub to Warehouse’, looks at the key questions investors will ask to assess whether a start-up’s product idea is commercially viable and uses Cambridge Consultants’ approach to product development to help answer them.

‘Our phased approach to product development tackles the tough technical challenges first — there is little point spending time and money on “turnkey” engineering when the core technology might not work,’ said Duncan Smith, head of product development at Cambridge Consultants. ‘And through our work with a variety of start-ups — and by spinning out our own companies — we have seen how this phased approach not only de-risks a development technically, but also commercially.

‘This enables the start-up to build a coherent picture of the position of the company, answering many of the questions that investors will ask ahead of investing any further.’

Click here to download a copy of the ‘Bathtub to Warehouse’ guide.