Free handbook on nanotechnology

Keithley Instruments’ Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook is available free from the company’s web site.

Measurement systems provider Keithley Instruments’ Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook is a free 124-page guide to electrical measurements for nanoscience applications that is available now by request from the company’s web site.

The handbook offers practical assistance in making precision low level DC and pulse measurements on nanomaterials and devices and provides an overview of the theoretical and practical considerations involved in measuring low currents, high resistances, low voltages, and low resistances.

It’s useful as a reference and as an aid to understanding low level phenomena observed in the lab.

The handbook is divided into five main sections. Topics include:

  • Challenges inherent in testing nanoscale devices
  • Techniques for making electrical measurements on nanoscale materials
  • Making accurate low-current, low-power, and low-resistance measurements and recognizing potential sources of error
  • Electronic transport characteristics of gallium nitride nanocircuits
  • Tips for the electrical characterisation of carbon nanotubes and low-power nanoscale devices

The handbook also includes four appendices, including a selector guide for choosing the appropriate nanotechnology, a glossary of commonly used terms, a discussion of safety considerations, and troubleshooting strategies.

The Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook will be sent out free to readers who fill out their details out the form here.