Free safety software

The UK Civil Aviation Authority and Safety Engineering Consultants Ltd have developed ShoMe, a free software tool designed to help aircraft maintenance companies assess and enhance their safety culture.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Research Management Department has developed a software tool with Health and Safety Engineering Consultants (HSEC) Ltd that will help aircraft maintenance companies assess and enhance their safety culture.

Produced with support from industry, the software is called the ’Safety Health of Maintenance Engineering’ (SHoMe) tool and is available free of charge.

SHoMe measures human factor issues that impact on the quality and reliability of work, regardless of whether staff are engaged in ’hands-on’ maintenance or not.

The software provides companies with an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, from strategic to operational level; where to focus specific training programmes or refresher courses; and which activities are undertaken successfully and should be sustained or augmented.

The software also helps companies identify which activities are causing the company difficulties and should be modified; and how improvements to safety culture will benefit the company over time.

SHoMe can evaluate safety across the company as a whole, or at a particular base or outstation. Assessments can be carried out as part of an audit or as a stand-alone measure of safety. The CAA recommends the tool be used approximately every two to three years so that an appraisal of progress can be made.

In order to use the software, technical staff and management complete questionnaires. The results are then analysed using SHoMe, which produces a comprehensive review of the company’s safety culture. The tool is aimed at medium to large aircraft maintenance organisations, although smaller organisations may also find it useful.

For further information, download a copy of the report CAAP2003/11 from <A HREF=’’>CAA Publications</A>

To obtain a copy of the SHoMe tool, contact the CAA Research Management Department on +44 (0) 1293 573056.