Freedom to work as you want

Delcam is to launch a signficant upgrade of its PowerSHAPE modelling software for the design of products and tooling featuring complex shapes. The new release incorporates a wide range of enhancements, particularly to its solid modelling capabilities.

The incorporation of both solid and surface modelling techniques means that the design methodology is not dictated by the software. Instead, PowerSHAPE offers a whole range of tools that gives designers the freedom to work as they want. The most suitable approach can be adopted on a case by case basis, ensuring that all design projects are carried out as efficiently as possible.

A key feature of PowerSHAPE is that all the commands of both surface and solid modelling are available from a single toolbar. This makes the system easy both to learn and use. The software combines very intuitive solid modelling operations – that allows simple primitives to be created with a few mouse clicks, with powerful surface modelling techniques that allow complex shapes to be created and styled interactively.

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