Full charge ahead

Voller Energy Group has launched a fuel cell system that automatically recharges remote monitoring equipment, surveillance cameras and industrial equipment in remote locations. The VE100RM can also be used in conjunction with other power sources such as photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels or wind turbines to provide continuous power over an extended period of time.

Using Voller’s own software, the fuel cell system logs and monitors the battery charge. This information can be accessed and monitored remotely via a GPS phone link.

The fuel cell system is powered by hydrogen from a commercial compressed hydrogen cylinder or from a proprietary refillable canister. The refillable canister stores hydrogen at low pressure dissolved in a metal hydride salt

The unit will automatically awaken from standby mode to charge external batteries when they drop below a preset voltage. This will extend the useful lifetime of batteries and it will also reduce time spent checking and recharging the batteries.

Stephen Voller, Chief Executive of Voller said, “Today there are so many different types of industrial equipment that need non-mains delivered electric power, so the potential of this new system is substantial. Certainly, the security industry could become a major beneficiary of our technology as it will provide safe, clean and efficient recharging capability for surveillance or other electronic equipment situated in remote locations.”