Full flow

Krohne DK 37 variable area flowmeters are now available with a rugged, all metal construction and either an analogue or digital display.


announced recently that it has enhanced its DK 37 range of variable area flowmeters. The miniature instruments are now available with a rugged, all metal construction and with either an analogue or digital display.

The DK 37 M8M and M8E are said to be especially suited for applications where indicating the instantaneous flow value of liquids, gases and vapours is required. The instruments are suitable for a broad range of applications, especially where reliable measurement is needed to be taken in harsh environments.

The DK 37 M8M model provides an analogue indication of flow rate, while the DK 37 M8E has a digital display. This model is equipped with an all-new electronic signal converter (ESK), which has been completely re-designed to provide higher measurement accuracy through improved resolution of its analogue-to-digital converter.

The M8E model is HART compatible, with a linear current, two-wire circuit output of between 4 to 20mA, which enables it to measure reliably ultra-low flow rates. A three-wire circuit output of between 0-20mA is also available.

The flowmeter is equipped with a flow totaliser which can be configured through the user interface. Recalibration can also be carried out for new operating conditions via its software and without the need for dismantling the instrument.

The flowmeters operate on the float measuring principle, with flow from bottom to top, and are fitted with a fine adjustment valve so precise setting of specific flow value can be easily set.

The instruments are manufactured from corrosion resistant metal and fitted with standard p inch NPT connections.