Full throttle for Mille Miglia

BMW has unveiled a concept car that combines modern technology and historical styling prior to this year’s Mille Miglia race in Brescia, Italy. While taking its inspiration from the famous BMW 328 racing car, the new model is underpinned with 2006 technology.

All vehicles that competed in the Mille Miglia races from 1927 to 1957 can enter, and the BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia 2006 resembles the BMW Mille Miglia that won the race in 1940.

However, the car’s power and control are provided by a modified drivetrain and suspension system taken from the new BMW Z4 M Coupe. The car is extremely lightweight and the latest design processes were used to stretch the aluminium shell over the lattice frame. The car is also coated in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.

Its 343HP engine uses the six cylinder ‘in-line’ design for maximum power, and modifications have been made to the inlet and exhaust systems to give more of a ‘racing’ sound at both idle and full throttle. Side panels and the rear section were designed to allow turbulence-free flow of air up to the tail where the airflow is separated. The car also has carbon-fibre underbody fins and diffusers on the front and rear aprons for improved aerodynamics.