Fully functioning PC Card adapter

Parvus has announced the addition of a low-cost, single-slot PCMCIA (PC Card) adapter to its Xpand104 line of modular PC/104 PCMCIA controller boards.

A simple-to-use expansion card for adding Type I, II or III PC Card functionality (I/O or Memory) to an embedded computer, this new board integrates an XT/AT PC Card slot together with an Intel PCMCIA to ISA bus controller fully compatible with PCMCIA V2.1 and JEIDA V4.1 standards.

Optimised for embedded applications where reduced form factor, modularity, field modifiable and low-power consumption are important design considerations, the Xpand104 single-slot PCMCIA adapter requires a single +5V power supply for operation. It is available in both standard (0 degrees C to +70 degrees C) and extended temperature (-40 degrees C to +85 degrees C) versions.

According to Parvus, a variety of PC Card functionality can be utilised with this product, including wireless communication, Flash/SRAM memory, global positioning (GPS), Ethernet, cellular/landline modem, parallel port, serial port, a/d conversion, video capture, and a host of other commercially available solutions.

The Xpand104 incorporates fully buffered PCMCIA signals for hot insertion/removal and features low power consumption, suspend mode, programmable memory and I/O windows, as well as jumperless IRQ steering from PC Card to system.

Compatible with the Intel 82365SL- register set, this product has driver support built into most operating systems with PCMCIA device drivers, such as Windows and Linux.

The product is currently in stock and is priced at $94/each in volume orders of 100+ units.

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