Funding for innovative turbine

Windpower has won funding from north east investment company NStar’s Three Pillars Fund and a research grant from One NorthEast to further develop an innovative wind turbine, dubbed Aerogenerator.

The new type of generator is being engineered at NaREC (New and Renewable Energy Centre Northumberland) in Blyth. It has the potential to help the UK meet its ambitious wind energy targets and has just won a low carbon technology prize from oil major Shell.

Unlike standard propeller turbines, the Aerogenerator has no tower and rotates around a vertical axis harnessing wind energy from any direction. It has been described as looking like a cross between a glider and giant harp.

The V-shaped rotor is designed for offshore use and is designed to generated gigawatts of energy.

The investment will enable the developers of Aerogenerator to step up research and development activities at NaREC to fully test small scale prototype technology ahead of full-scale development. NaREC will also act as a business partner, providing experience, support and technical expertise.