Funding the bomb sniffer

Implant Sciences Corporation has been awarded a $418,000, six-month contract by the US Navy to develop a hand-held explosives detection device using its Laser Ion Mobility Spectrometer technology.

The company will develop the device to US Navy specifications, which is expected to prepare the company to bid on a US Navy procurement for a large number of field deployable units.

‘On May 14, 2002, the (US) Department of the Navy made available an approximately $36 million Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract for up to 1,400 Hand Held Explosives Detectors for use in its fleet. As a result of past demonstrations, the Department of the Navy has indicated that our device shows strong promise for subsequent production to support the $36 million contract,’ said Anthony J. Armini, CEO of Implant Sciences.

‘If the company is successful in developing and delivering a field-serviceable hand-held explosives detection device to the Navy pursuant to the currently funded project, we will look forward to bidding for all or a portion of the remainder of the Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract,’ he added.

Late last month, the company was awarded a $100,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant by the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop an instrument to detect and measure arsenic in drinking water. And in July, it won a $100,000 award from the US Air Force to develop an instrument to detect ageing and/or defective electrical wiring in military and commercial aircraft. That instrument senses the vapours from overheated wire insulation before the insulation starts to smoke.