Funds for astronomy

Astronomers at CentralLancashireUniversity’s Centre for Astrophysics (CfA) have secured £1m in new funding to undertake pioneering astronomical research.

Professors Don Kurtz and Brad Gibson, along with Dr Robert Walsh, have been awarded £700,000 between them to support their world-leading research in asteroseismology, galactic evolution and solar physics. The rest of the funding will be used to train postgraduate students.

Solar physicist Robert Walsh obtained the funding to track the flow of energy from the outer layers of the Sun out into interplanetary space. Prof Don Kurtz is to continue a major programme probing the atmospheres of A stars, a class of strongly magnetic pulsating stars which he discovered.

Prof Gibson will also use the funding to further develop and deploy high-performance computational simulations of our Milky Way Galaxy’s formation and evolution.

Prof Gibson said: ‘These super computer simulations are designed to shed more light on the structure and the history of the Universe from its earliest beginnings through to how we see it today.’