Further delays to Airbus delivery

Airbus has warned Dubai Emirates airline that there may be further delays to its delivery of 58 A380 jets, valued at £165m.

State-owned Emirates confirmed that Airbus had sent a letter informing it of possible delays in its wave 2 deliveries. It had expected to receive five A380s before the end of March 2009 and another 12 in the year to March 31, 2010.

The delays were said to be a result of quality issues with components made by suppliers as well as demands by airlines for the jet’s customised interiors. Airbus is aiming to deliver 13 of the double-decker passenger planes this year and 25 in 2009.

German airline Lufthansa said that it did not expect any further delays to the delivery of its first Airbus A380 aircraft, which is due to join its fleet in the summer.

Airline president Tim Clark said the delay would apply to A380s being delivered to the carrier from April next year. Its first delivery due this year is already two years behind schedule, damaging the airline’s profit growth.