Further improvements at bott

Workplace and storage equipment manufacturer, bott, has invested £700k in a significant new plant to improve the efficiency and accuracy of its sheet metal processing and quality of its end products.

The new Salvagnini P4-2516 is a machine tool which forms sheet metal used to process bott ’s workshop and in-vehicle equipment.

An off-line terminal and universal tool set reduce setup times for individual programmes and this, combined with integration to bott ’s CAD system, allows the company to minimise lead times for its bespoke products and prototypes.

The plant is part of bott ’s lean manufacturing programme and the P4’s increased output will further improve bott ’s current lean objective which is to reduce downtime and improve delivery performance.

Other benefits include improved reaction time to customer demand, reduction in levels of ‘work in progress’, with more efficient working practices, thus reducing non-value adding activities that are part of bott’s lean culture.

‘This new plant represents a step-change in the early stages of the production process. That, in turn, improves the efficiency of our entire manufacturing process, enhancing the quality and service experienced by our customers,’ said Andrew Poole, bott ’s engineering manager. ‘Approximately 60% of our products include sheet metal formed by this machine, so it is a fundamental part of our operations.’