Furukawa and Mitsui make lasers together

Furukawa Electric has formed a joint venture with Mitsui Chemical to produce 980 nm laser devices. The joint venture will create a Decoupled Confinement Heterostructure (DCH) chip capable of more than 300mW in output power.

The company, named MC Fitel, will be based in Chiba, Japan and will be headed by Yoshikazu Ikegami of the Furukawa Electric Optical Devices Division. Furukawa and Mitsui have been working jointly on the development of high power 980nm chips since October 2000. The companies hope that the formation of MC Fitel will streamline the development and manufacturing process to address the market demand for 980nm pump lasers.

Laser diode modules are an integral component for erbium doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs), which are used to amplify optical signals in WDM systems. 980nm pump laser modules are often used in pre-amplifiers because of their low-noise characteristics. Furukawa has a strong history and expertise in developing and manufacturing laser diode modules.

The company plans to be fully established on April 1, 2002 with a 65% investment by Furukawa Electric and a 35% investment by Mitsui Chemical. The headquarters will be located in Furukawa’s Chiba Works facility located in Ichihara, Chiba, Japan.

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