Fusing US software with UK industry

Birmingham City University’s design and process innovation team is hosting a conference on Monday 9th June that will to explore the implications of product development using knowledge-based engineering (KBE). Led by KBE-specialist, Craig Chapman, the event offers Midlands industry the opportunity to learn about design technology at the University’s Technology Innovation Centre (TIC).

The university has formed a partnership with US-based TechnoSoft, to offer access to engineering design software, bringing KBE resources within reach of the most modest UK manufacturer. The conference will reveal the concept in detail, explaining the extent of its applications and engineering design benefits.

The university’s exclusive TechnoSoft agreement enables Chapman’s team to offer every size and type of company access to innovative design software environments. These are able to capture, model and employ all the knowledge within a company and integrate it fully with any existing computer-aided engineering tools used.

Chapman said: ‘KBE is a significant means of releasing and empowering the UK’s engineering expertise to innovate and take entrepreneurial initiatives, instead of being on the defensive when competing in global markets.

He added: ‘When developing a product, the common computational model dynamically generates itself, based not only on functional needs, but also on basic issues such as quality, cost and delivery. Additionally, when a system is used in a new application, KBE automatically adapts all the components to meet the new requirements.’

Companies keen to learn how KBE can help them can book into Birmingham City University’s conference at the Technology Innovation Centre, Millennium Point, central Birmingham on 9th June, by phoning 0121 331 5400 or through e-mailing enquiries@tic.ac.uk