Future car parks use automation

With more and more cars in our congested inner cities, not only does it take twice as long to get where you’re going, but when you get there you can’t find anywhere to park. Otto Wohr in Germany has looked at just this problem, and might just have come up with an answer, by applying the principal of the high bay warehouse with its storage and retrieval units to car parks.

The double-decker car parks and lifts can move two or three cards on top of each other, in a combination of vertical and horizontal movements. When you arrive at an automatic car park, you simply leave your car at a designated parking area, and it is automatically loaded onto a bay ahead of the next car. Before you return to pick up your car, it is pivoted round on a turntable to face in the right direction.

The fully automatic car park offers a number of advantages outside of improved space usage. Because there is only access to the drive-in area and not the parking area, security against vandalism and theft is improved. Also, lighting and ventilation requirements are all reduced, allowing operators to make significant cost savings.

Providing the actuation power behind the automatic lifts is a new Multidrive lift drive from Focus Dynamics. The drive is a special variant of a vector drive which is available specifically for the lift and elevator market. It has highly developed on-board software to provide the smooth control and safety features essential to this application. Systems are connected by Interbus-S and integrated SPC and all operating states and positions are monitored via Interbus-S.