Game Boy makes sewing fun

You’ve used a Nintendo Game Boy to zap aliens and rescue princesses. Now you can use it to stitch patterns and make buttonholes.

The Singer Sewing Company has teamed up with Nintendo to create a new sewing machine system using Game Boy technology that automatically sews stitch patterns, buttonholes and lettering. The system, called Izek, includes a sewing machine, Game Boy, connection wire and a special cartridge that contains stitch pattern designs.

Izek includes 150 different stitch functions, including letters, numbers, symbols and five buttonhole styles. Letters can be stitched in block, script or outline format.

Using Izek, sewers can also design and create custom stitches. Favorite patterns, letters and custom designs can be saved into memory for easy future access.

The Izek Game Boy displays information in three languages — English, French and Spanish.

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