Gas goes mySAP

Logica have signed a £2million contract with British Gas HRL, a subsidiary of Centrica, to implement, the e-business solution.

The system will be based on the mySAP Oil and Gas business solution and will be integrated with other industry solutions. As well as streamlining the supply chain of HRL’s upstream business, the system will also enable future e-business development through

The turnkey solution is to be completed in just nine months. will be integrated with SAP’s Offshore Logistics Management module (OLM), a component of mySAP Oil & Gas. This will be linked to a number of third party applications – including MAPS, Logica’s own offshore personnel management system – and will replace the business systems that support HRL’s natural gas production process.

HRL will also replace its existing back office, plant maintenance, logistics management and personnel movements system with the new solution.

Many of the elements making up the solution are already widely used in the sector. Over 80% of oil and gas companies use SAP, and Logica’s MAPS product currently manages 85% of the UK North Sea offshore personnel movements.

Logica will also provide an interface to Primavera, another product for project and work planning, as well as integrating other mySAP modules for joint venture accounting, procurement, plant maintenance, finance and cost control.

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