Gas leaks kept in check

New from ION Science is the Phocheck 5000EX hand-held ionisation instrument, which can find and monitor leaks of VOC gases such as Acetone, Nonane, Octane and Toluene, even down to 10ppb levels for standard calibration gas.

Several hundred gases are pre-programmed into the instruments software on despatch to provide direct display in ppm or mg/m3, and it can be set for mixtures of several gases.

The Phocheck 5000EX is safe for use in hazardous areas and is certified to BASEEFA recognised standards.

For leak detection, the user settable alarms trigger audio/visual indications.

The unit has an operating time of approximately 16 hours on its four AA batteries power source.

Accessories include a selection of PID lamps, probes, filters, calibration and cleaning kits, as well as PC software portfolio and a two-way Infra-Red link for data download.