GE agrees feasibility studies for turbine build

Technology company GE has announced plans to install up to five offshore demonstration wind turbines through two separate partnerships, both of which will feature the largest wind turbine in GE’s fleet − a 4MW machine that includes a 110m rotor.  

GE has signed a cooperation agreement with Norwegian energy companies Statoil and Lyse to jointly carry out technical and environmental feasibility studies for building an offshore-wind demonstration project in Rogaland County, off the southwest coast of Norway.

The agreement includes the installation of up to four 4MW offshore, direct-drive wind turbines which, subject to successful completion of the feasibility studies and the appropriate investment and funding decisions, will start in 2012.

GE is also planning an onshore installation of its direct-drive machine, which will be erected in Gothenburg Harbour, Sweden, in 2011, in cooperation with Gothenburg Energy.