GE and Enterworks team to provide process integration platform

GE Global eXchange Services and Enterworks, have announced the availability of an electronic commerce software platform for business process integration (BPI).

The new platform facilitates the development of a range of applications that help companies measure process performance, remove bottlenecks, increase supply chain visibility and ‘proactively escalate issues to the correct decision-makers’.

GE Global eXchange Services (GXS) and Enterworks have jointly developed an interface that connects GXS’s integration brokers, GE InterLinx and Enterprise System, with Enterworks Process Integrator.

Enterworks Process Integrator automates the flow of tasks and information in complex business processes within an enterprise and between any number of buyers and suppliers, improving the speed and effectiveness of the value chain.

The resulting software platform facilitates the automation and performance reporting for virtually any business process involving people, with the additional capability of importing and exporting data from diverse back-office systems within the enterprise and between trading partners.

Available now, it can be used in conjunction with global professional services – provided by GXS through its strategic relationship with PricewaterhouseCoopers – to build custom-tailored applications for modelling, executing, monitoring and tracking supply chain processes between Fortune 500 companies and their trading partners.

These processes include procurement workflow, warehouse logistics, exception handling, electronic payments, materials planning and project management.