GE signs long term maintenance agreement

GE has signed a 28-year agreement to provide maintenance and services for up to 22 gas turbines and 18 compressors at one of the world’s fastest growing natural gas liquefaction plants.

GE Power Systems has signed a 28-year contractual service agreement (CSA) with Nigeria LNG Ltd to provide maintenance and services for up to as 22 gas turbines and 18 compressors at one of the world’s fastest growing natural gas liquefaction plants, located on Bonny Island in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Nigeria LNG is a joint venture among the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Shell Gas BV, TotalFinaElf LNG Nigeria Limited and Agip International.

The Bonny Island plant began operation with two compression trains in 1999. Through a series of expansions, the plant is being increased to five trains, with an additional sixth train in the planning stages. Once completed, the total capacity of the LNG facility will be more than 23 million tons of LNG per year.

With the addition of trains four and five, the facility will be the world’s third largest LNG plant and will meet 13% of the world’s LNG requirements. It is supplying LNG to many of the world’s major markets, including France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and the US.

The new CSA extends an existing agreement for compression trains one and two from six to 28 years. The agreement also includes train three, which recently completed start-up and is entering commercial operation, and trains four and five, which are under construction. In addition, the contract includes an option for train six, which is planned for future construction.

Trains 1-5 at the Bonny Island facility include eight Frame 6B gas turbines being used for power generation, and three Frame 6Bs and seven Frame 7Es operating in mechanical drive mode. All of the gas turbines were supplied by GE Power Systems. Also included under the CSA are nine compressors provided by GE and six units provided by other manufacturers.

If it is built, train six could add four gas turbines and three compressors to the total of units covered under the CSA.

‘We are very pleased with the opportunity to support one of the world’s most significant LNG projects with our latest technology and service offerings,’ said Michael Kalmes, general manager of GE Power Systems’ Contractual Services business. ‘Through this agreement, we will be playing a major role in helping to make this facility competitive over the long term in the global LNG industry.’

GE will provide parts, repairs and services for all the planned and unplanned outage work for all the turbines and compressors during the length of the agreement.