GEAE’s T700 to power Japanese Apaches

GE Aircraft Engines has been awarded $50 million by the Japan Defence Agency to supply T700 helicopter engines for up to 80 Apache Attack Helicopters.

GE Aircraft Engines’ (GEAE) T700 helicopter engine will power Japan’s new fleet of Apache attack helicopters in an engine order valued at $50 million.

The Japan Defence Agency (JDA) selected the T700-701C engine to power up to 80 Boeing AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopters. Delivery is scheduled to begin in 2005.

The T700-701C engine is said to share commonality with the current Japanese fleet of helicopter engines and reportedly builds upon an existing support infrastructure to reduce costs.

With an installed base of more than 12,000 engines, GE’s T700/CT7 turboshaft and turboprop engines are the most widely used engines in their class.

Another engine in the T700/CT7 family, the T700-401C is currently being considered for the Japanese MCH-X (Minesweeper & Cargo Helicopter) program.