Get ahead in data exchange

Designers will soon be using engineering analysis and CAD

Engineering analysis and computer aided design software are gradually drawing closer together, and about time, too. A useful booklet to help break in engineers gently to the complex process involved in closer integration has been published by NAFEMS, the association for the engineering analysis community. The technical guide takes the reader through the various stages involved in CAD/FE integration, looks at the problems engineers face and provides straightforward, easy-to-understand solutions.

The book is the result of an extensive study of the subject by the NAFEM’s committee that provided the BSI with recommendations relating to the development of analysis within STEP (the international Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data). The booklet also shows some of the practical benefits of complying with that standard.

A useful appendix contains more information on the STEP standard, a CAD and analysis data exchange check list, a guide to various data formats and a handy glossary of terms, abbreviations and acronyms. Here is some independent technical and educational material for the engineering department that wants to ensure that its analysis and product design are more efficient and of a higher quality.