Get Eurocode-wise

Thomas Telford Training (TTT) is offering a range of courses to equip the engineering and construction industry ahead of the arrival of Eurocodes next year.

The new codes outline 10 European Standards that provide a unified approach for the design of buildings and other civil structures and have been designed to eventually replace the range of codes published by the national standards bodies.

Head of TTT, Mike Cookson, said: ‘Eurocodes become effective in 2010 and it’s absolutely essential that all those working in the engineering and construction industry understand how to implement the Eurocodes properly.

‘These new courses are designed to provide essential practical guidance for all engineers involved in the relevant areas of design and construction.’

The four courses on offer will begin from April onwards.

They are designed to train experienced designers who already have knowledge of current British Standards.

The courses cover the design of concrete structures to Eurocode 2 and the design of steel structures to Eurocode 3.