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Lenze has launched a new range of linear actuators with integral limit switches offering design engineers a compact and economical solution to linear motion with stroke limiting.

The CLA range is reportedly capable of delivering forces from 2000N to 12000N, at strokes of up to 500mm.

Featuring DC, single-phase, or three-phase motors, the range can achieve linear speeds between 4mm/s and 60mm/s.

Unlike other end-of-stroke limit switches that are often mounted externally on the actuator (and susceptible to damage), the new CLA cam-operated limit switches form part of the actuator body.

Gear driven from the actuator spindle, it is possible to fit up to three limit switches. Two can be used to turn the motor off without external relays, and a third for intermediate position switching.

For machines that require accurate positioning, it is possible to replace the third switch with a single-turn geared potentiometer to control the position of the actuator throughout the stroke.

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