Getting a dose

Traditional dosing pumps often have problems dealing with highly viscous, crystallising or particulate products. Manufacturing high grade paper, for example, involves dosing colouring agents into the paper pulp. One company, Arjo Wiggins, found this prematurely fouled the ball valves of the dosing pumps, meaning high maintenance costs and frequent interruptions in production.

To overcome this problem, the French company PCM Pompes has applied the technology of displacement pumps to a new range of dosing pumps. The principle of this design means the PCM pumps give particularly good performance when pumping difficult products.

Operating without valves, the pumps have the advantage that flow is reversible, non-pulsating and directly proportional to speed. They are also easy to maintain, with a high self-priming capability.

The monobloc range is designed with a geared motor or variable speed geared motor directly flanged into the pump.

When Arjo Wiggins switched to a PCM pump that could handle flowrates of up to 30l/h at a pressure of 10bar, no colouring defect was identified and no servicing was needed.

Figure 1: The PCM Moineau pump offers advantages when pumping difficult products such as lime water

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