Giant servo motors offer torques up to 3000Nm

GE Fanuc Automation has introduced a new series of IEC-compliant high-end servo motors and new models of high-end spindle motors, taking advantage of recent technological developments in rare-earth magnets and ceramic bearings.

The alphais Series AC Servo Motors produce torques up to 3000Nm and increased maximum speeds compared to their predecessors, but with a reduced axial length. New models in the alphaiT AC Spindle Motor Series offer more power output and increased maximum speeds.

The GE Fanuc alphais Series AC Servo Motors offers a range of torques from 2Nm up to 3000Nm, fully compatible with 230V or 400V supplies. The high performance motors use the latest rare-earth technology magnets which offer more compact motors with very smooth rotation, increased torques and increased maximum continuous speeds up to 5000rpm. For example, comparing the new alpha30/4000is with the alpha30/3000i it replaces, the overall length is reduced by 39% while the maximum torque is increased by 25% and the maximum continuous speed rating is increased by 33%.

The two giant 400V AC servo motors are specially designed for large, heavy load machines such as electric presses and electric injection machines. They are single motors producing a large torque and huge power. The top-of-the-range alpha3000HVis is the world’s largest synchronous servo motor with a maximum torque of 5500Nm and a stall torque of 3000Nm. The maximum and rated power outputs are 440kW and 220kW respectively, with a maximum continuous speed of 2000rpm. The alpha2000HVis offers a maximum torque of 3800Nm and a stall torque of 2000Nm, with maximum and rated power outputs of 400kW and 200kW respectively.

A new large-capacity, energy-saving servo amplifier, the SVM1-360HVi, has also been developed to supply the largest 400V motors. The design offers efficient cooling to minimise the overall size of the amplifier, and reduced wiring during installation. The largest motor uses ‘quattro amplifier drive technology’: four SVM1-360Hvi amplifiers, linked in parallel, feed four separate windings in the motor.

Pulse coder resolution of 1,000,000/rev. is standard on the new alphais Servo Motors, with a resolution of 16,000,000/rev. optional. These compact absolute pulse coders are also fitted with a 10 minute back-up capacitor as standard, enabling changes to be made without position loss.

All alphais motors conform to the IEC60034-1 standard. A number of models are available with water cooling jackets, offering a stall torque increase of 50%. The jackets can be retrofitted and have been designed to allow an easy maintenance of the motor.

The GE Fanuc alphaiT Series of AC Spindle Motors has been enhanced with models featuring ceramic ball main bearings. This has extended the range of maximum continuous speeds to 20,000rpm, with continuous power ratings from 1.5kW up to 22kW. The complete series now offers a choice of steel or ceramic bearings, with models operating at 230V AC or 400V AC.