GKN develops WAP intranet site

Global industrial group GKN has developed a WAP-based intranet site – believed to be one of the first internal uses of the mobile internet technology.

The group has teamed up with internet marketing company MarketingNet and uses Nokia’s WAP server platform to allow wireless access for new generation WAP phones straight into GKN’s intranet site for its staff in 40 countries worldwide – as well as to its external internet sites.

Peter Baillie, GKN’s corporate communications director, said he expected the use of the new channel to grow as demand for WAP devices takes off. `Internet technology has already had a considerable impact on how we make news and information accessible to our own employees and external audiences,’ he said.

Stella Jones, an account manager at MarketingNet, said that apart from the established areas of business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications, `WAP lends itself particularly well to the neglected category of B2E – business to employee.’

GKN takes the relatively standard route of using a Nokia WAP server to supplement its existing servers and convert the intranet’s HTML content to wireless mark-up language, which can then be read by WAP devices.

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