Go green with calculator

Basingstoke-based Stent has launched Green Siesta, an environmental initiative which calculates carbon emissions from prospective piling projects. This is part of an estimating process to enable the customer to select the most energy-efficient piling solution.

The company worked with Nifes Consulting Group to take measurements from each component in the piling process to assess how ‘carbon significant’ each one is. Green Siesta then automatically calculates the embodied energy associated with the piling.

A number of processes are taken into consideration when calculating the environmental footprint. These include the manufacture of the cement used in concrete; the manufacture of the steel bars and rods; the transportation of materials and objects such as rigs, piles and other raw materials; and the use of fuel in the transportation and manufacturing processes.

Green Siesta completed a pilot in March to determine whether precast or CFA piling techniques were the most environmentally friendly on a particular project. The results showed that on that occasion, the precast piles had lower carbon emissions.

Following the pilot Green Siesta is now being rolled out across all piling methods.