Going mobile

Toshiba has announced a new microprocessor that will bring MPEG-4 capabilities to the mobile market.

Toshiba’s TC35280XB sports four dedicated reduced instruction set computing (RISC) processors on chip. Two are used to encode and decode MPEG-4 video and audio data, while the others multiplex video and audio streams and filter noise from the video. The LSI also has 16 Mbit of DRAM as working memory.

The new chip can encode and decode QCIF (176 x 144) data at 15 frames per second at 60MHz, while simultaneously executing AMR speech codec and H.223 audio and video multiplexing functions. When used as an MPEG-4 viewer or recorder, CIF data is encoded or decoded at 15 frames per second at 125MHz.

Manufactured on the company’s 0.13-micron process technology, the device has a power consumption of 180 mW.

Samples of the TC35280XB will be available in the fourth quarter of 2002 at 4,000 yen. Mass production is slated for the first quarter of 2003 at 100,000 units a month.

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