Going on a bender

Noliac has unveiled a new multi-layer piezoelectric ‘Ring Bender’ actuator. The new device, dubbed the Noliac CMB-R, addresses the need for high displacement in a small component size.

The Ring Bender is designed to replace the need for stacked actuators that typically require 25 times greater height to achieve the same stroke distance. In addition, Noliac claims that the CMB-R costs roughly half of a stacked actuator solution that provides the same displacement.

‘Our new Ring Bender solves a very difficult design challenge for engineers of micro-positioning applications by giving them 20 to 200 microns of positioning range in a device that’s only 2 millimetres high, and a positioning resolution in the sub-nanometre range,’ said Lars Johansen, president of Noliac, Inc.

‘This degree of movement currently requires a stacked actuator solution that is nearly 1 to 10 centimetres high and costs more than twice as much. Furthermore, the price we are able to achieve in volume production even makes this solution an option where traditional MEMS technology is being used.’

Noliac’s CMB-R not only meets the need for high displacement in a much smaller unit size, but also delivers a mid range stroke force.

Standard units of the Noliac CMB-R Ring Bender will be available for evaluation in Q2 2002 with pricing starting at $20/unit. Volume production of application-specific Ring Benders can bring this price down as low as $1/unit.

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