Good for uninterrupted operation

Ballard Power Systems has launched its Nexa power module – the world’s first volume-produced proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system.

The fuel cell system itself is designed for integration by OEMs into a variety of industrial and consumer end-product applications such as UPS systems and emergency power generators, as well as recreational and portable products.

Generating up to 1200W of unregulated DC electrical power, the module has been developed with ongoing input from Ballard customers in Asia, Europe and North America, who are employing a variety of fuel supply options that include compressed hydrogen, hydrogen stored in metal hydrides and methanol-reformer systems.

With regard to safety and standards issues, the Nexa power module has already received Underwriters Laboratory (UL) component recognition in the United States and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification.

The first commercial application of Ballard’s Nexa power module will be a portable generator for consumer use introduced by Coleman Powermate in the United States later this year.