Goodrich gets more of the Airbus

Goodrich has been selected by Airbus to supply the Rear Secondary Structure for the Airbus A380 super-jumbo aircraft.

Composed of Goodrich’s graphite epoxy honeycomb sandwich materials, the A380 Rear Secondary Structure provides an aerodynamic surface enclosing a number of the aircraft’s systems behind the main pylon box structure and below the wing. It includes an aluminium sub-structure and provides doors and removable panels for access to the internal aircraft systems.

The Goodrich structure will accommodate both the Rolls-Royce and Engine Alliance engine types chosen for the A380.

First deliveries of the Rear Secondary Structure shipsets are expected in the second quarter of 2004.

The Rear Secondary Structure is the second A380 pylon fairing structure to be awarded to Goodrich. Earlier this year, Airbus selected Goodrich to supply the adjacent Pylon Aft Fairing.

In addition, Goodrich Hella Aerospace Lighting Systems will be supplying exterior lighting for the A380. The contract was awarded by Airbus groups in France, Germany and UK. The order includes 23 different exterior lighting components which will be developed and supplied by facilities in Lippstadt, Germany and Tampa, Florida. First deliveries are scheduled for March 2003.

Last year, Rolls-Royce selected Goodrich to build the centre and rear fan case sections for the Trent(R) 900 engine option for the A380. Goodrich is also supplying the entire sensor suite and the fuel delivery systems for that engine.

The A380 will also be landing on Goodrich technology. The company was selected last year to provide the body and wing landing gear and evacuation systems for the A380. Revenue for all awards to date is expected to be approximately $4 billion over a 20-year period.