Goodyear and Siemens in tyre safety venture

Goodyear and Siemens VDO Automotive have joined forces to develop an advanced tyre pressure warning system to enhance tyre and vehicle safety.

Goodyear Chairman and CEO Sam Gibara made the announcement during a security analyst presentation in conjunction with the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Under their agreement, Goodyear and Siemens VDO Automotive will develop and market a system to alert drivers to low tyre air pressure and excessive tyre temperatures.

According to a statement, the joint development agreement, aimed toward a rapid market entry, will draw on Goodyear’s expertise in tyres and tyre pressure monitoring, tyre sensors and tyre temperature and pressure interpretation and Siemens VDO’s proficiency in electronics, radio frequency (RF), wireless and vehicle system integration technologies.

The USA’s new Transportation, Recall, Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act requires all new vehicles, beginning with the 2004 model year, have a system to alert the driver to low air pressure in one or more tyres.

Both companies anticipate that other countries will soon enact similar legislation.

European vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, including Goodyear and Siemens VDO, are already said to be developing low pressure warning systems for those markets.

The jointly developed, passive tyre monitoring and display system will be easily adaptable to new cars and light trucks and be available for industry commercialisation worldwide.

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