Government must look to the long term to improve the UK’s rail infrastructure

With reference to ’Rail investment to head north’ (The Engineer Online, 15 February), governments are elected for four years, so they never look beyond that. Any scheme that would provide long-term benefit to the UK hardly ever gets off the ground due to the short-term thinking of the government – irrespective of which party is in power.

Until our politicians are held to account for the mess they make, we will never get any sensible decisions out of them. Our railways are a laughing stock – the only improvement we have had since the 1950s was the building of the Tornado – a beautifully built steam locomotive, which carried on running despite the snow (something Eurostar could have done with).

Why do we bail out banks, but leave our other infrastructure to fall apart? It is time for a ’new deal’ – we must pump some money into providing infrastructure with a long-term benefit to the UK. A modern, reliable rail system would be a good start.

Graham Field