GPS guide for Glasgow

CINeSPACE, a £2m project being developed by Scottish Enterprise Glasgow-backed Urban Learning Space, three European partners and Scottish Screen, is to offer tourists their own interactive guidebook.

The technology is designed around a GPS mapping system built into a portable hand-held viewer that guides tourists around a walking tour of their choice. When a point of interest is reached visitors then look through their viewer to find out more. The plan is for these devices to be available for pick up and drop off at a range of locations around the city.

‘The really innovative bit about this technology is when users look through their viewer at the landmark they will be able to choose a range of options shown on screen to get more information. This will include access to film archive about the history of the building or site they are looking at,’ said project director, Don McIntyre.

‘For instance if someone was looking at George Square they could choose the history option on screen and a film of the Red Clydeside demonstrations in 1919 could play, or by looking at the City Chambers they could choose a film about the design and architecture of the building.’

The other European partners involved in the development of the project include Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute and the cities of Venice and San Sebastian.

The Urban Learning Space is a £1m initiative to equip people in Glasgow with the type of new technology skills that will be needed in the future.

The new walking guides will be launched simultaneously in all three cities in 2009.